Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day Everyone!!!!

Let us remember those who have gone before us who fought for our freedom and those who are fighting now.  Let us NOT FORGET!!!!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Mother's Day......

I am posting this HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY a little early but I want to be able to spend my Mother's Day with my husband and kids tomorrow.  I will call my mom early in the morning to wish her a Happy Mother's Day and then we'll go onto church.  I know I will end up talking to her several more times tomorrow as that is just the way she and I are.  She doesn't have internet at her house so she couldn't read this but she knows that I am there with her in spirit adn we talk numerous times throughout the week anyway.

I do hope to be able to xstitch some tomorrow.  On what....that is yet to be seen.  I may pull out an old UFO that is almost finished but got put by the wayside or knowing me....I may start a new project.  Like...a Christmas ornament.  I don't know.

I had a wonderful day today spending it with 4 other xstitch friends so that was very nice.  We're trying to do this once a month at each other's houses so it's not a burden on any one person to host it.  Although.....I love to entertain!!!

I will leave you with some xstitch finished ornaments that I've stitched recently and have been meaning to post on here anyway so this is a great time to just go ahead and do that.

LHN Hope Sheep Virtues ornament.

LHN Love Sheep Virtues ornament

Prairie Schooler Old World Santa's carrying toys in his sack.

I've started the 3rd LHN Peace Sheep Virtues but it's not finished or really enough to show for now.  I have the sheep stitched but I'm working on the rest for that one.  When I do get these ornaments sewn up with their backing fabrics and cording, I'll be sure to share pictures again.  

That is all for now.  I'm off to xstitch some now.   Happy Stitching!