Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Finished projects photos

Wow!  Don't you just love blogs???  I do....except when I'm about to publish a post and then LOSE everything that I've typed up to post!!!  Oh well.  I'm trying this again.

Here are few finishes that I've done this month.  I took a small break from MBT The Lord's Prayer since the beginning of this month because my mom flew out to visit with us and we took her to the Grand Canyon!!!  We had a great time and she did to as she'd never been there before.  So I knew that stitching small projects would be the way to go this month.

Here are some pictures for you viewing pleasure.

LHN Hallelujah 2011 ornament

LHN Blessed 2012 ornament

LK A Little Love  (and please post how you think it might look to be finished off -- pillow, pinkeep, stuffed ornament, frames, or any idea will be greatly appreciated.)

JBW A Sweet Bouquet  (made with pink toile fabric)

Tomorrow I will post my WIP photos.  I hope you have a great day.


Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy Friday!!!

Today, I've been working in my sewing room doing the finishing work on some ornaments, and then I sewed the finishing work on my JBW A Sweet Bouquet little chart to make a sweet toile pillow.  I will show the pictures when all the ornaments get stuffed and my JBW pillow is all stuffed up as well.

Here is a picture of the Victoria Sampler Gingerbread Church stitching supplies I received in the mail on Monday.  It was very cloudy and gloomy looking that I knew I would not get a good picture to show the stitching supplies.  I received the VS Gingerbread Church chart from my dear friend Beth in VA!!!  I had this on my wish list and she was so sweet to send it to me as a surprise in the mail!!!  I saved my Christmas Gift Certificates from Needlecraft Corner to buy the VS silk packets and overdyed 28ct Antique Almond Cashel and 28ct Black Cashel fabric for this project! 

Here is a picture to see the chart and supplies! read the instructions so I can get started xstitching on this wonderful little church!!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy Monday Everyone!!!

I'm sorry to have been MIA for a while.  My mom flew out to spend Spring Break with our family and we took her up to stay in Flagstaff, AZ.  We stopped off in Sedona on the way up and admired the beautiful scenery, shopped a little at some craft fairs going on, and then made our way on up to stay in Flagstaff.  We took her to the Grand Canyon on last Wednesday because she had never been!  She was totally thrilled and impressed at the beauty of it.  We even went a different route than our trip last year.  We entered from the East side.  Then on Thursday we took her to see some other sites which the names escape my memory at the moment.

Now hubby is back to work and kids back to school.  Me.....I'm back to sewing on our Easter dresses.  I just have a little to finish up my daughters but I want to get my dress and the guys neckties cut out today as well. 

I did xstitch an iStitch chart while away.  It was iStitch Sew Pretty in Pink which can be seen here using HDF Murmurs of Sea Pinks.  I think it is just beautiful.....but then again I love the color pink....and mauve....and purples....and dark greens!!!  You can find Carol's newest chart Sew RabbitS here!   What a wonderful little chart to xstitch up just in time for Easter and some spring stitching decorations!!

Alright.....enough of my time on the computer this morning.  I need to go sew on that dress!!!

Happy Stitching and I hope to show you some finishes soon!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Stitchy goodies in the mail!!!

Oh my starsssss!!!!  I won a BINGO prize on our Tranquil Stitches message board and the prize was a xstitched pincushion!  It is soooo beautiful and so exquisitely made that I was just thrilled with winning the bingo game and knowing I would receive this pincushion as a prize.  But when I got the package in the mail today, not only did I get the xstitched pincushion but some more wonderful goodies to go along with my pincushion and they all matched so perfectly! 

My prizes were the pincushion, new pins for the pincushion, new blue scissors to match the pincushion, and a set of notecards that matched as well.  I just LOVE notecards and use them all the time but these look almost too pretty to write on....but I know I will!  You can see all my gifts below!  Thank you sooo much JoAnn for such wonderful gifts!!!

I just LOVE how it is all stitched over one thread and the finishing fabrics match her dress so beautifully!!!   I may have to xstitch the girl to make a scissor fob for my new scissors.  Thank you again JoAnn!!!!