Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Son off to college.....

I am so proud of our son being able to go off to college that I wanted to share a few pictures of move in day!!!  Daniel is the last of our kids to go to college and as some now say we are empty nesters.  But are we really???  Physically, yes but we are such a close knit family that we really are NEVER empty nesters.  He will still come home at Christmas time and spring breaks and over the summer.  Our daughter who is now married might be able to visit during the summer but that all depends on where we are stationed with the AF.  She got a job teaching at Bearden High School in Knoxville after she graduated this past May.  I hope to post pictures of their graduations in the next day or so and of her wedding.

Daniel is going to the University of TN Knoxville college which is the same college that his sister went to as well as Ted and I.  He is taking engineering classes, and we couldn't be prouder of him.  I wanted to wait for him to have a few days of classes underway before I posted about him going just in case he changed his mind after the first couple of engineering classes.  

Here is move in day which I took from where I posted on Facebook because I didn't take my camera in when I moved him into the dorm.  Yes....he was so much easier to move into the dorm as he said he didn't want to take much ..... unlike his sister who I think took her entire bedroom. (I can't complain on that as I took a lot to my dorm when I lived there as well.  I just want to say I am NOT complaining about moving Grace in and out with all her stuff.)  One unique thing is that both of our kids will have lived in the same dorm that I lived in when I went to UTK (Univ of TN Knoxville).  

I am sorry about the messed up comforter for his bed.  It WAS straightened when he and I made the bed, but he had to climb back up there to put his clock on top of the closet after we found it.  Now whether it stays straightened throughout the semester.....that's on Daniel to look at it everyday...not me.  Hopefully I have taught him well enough to make his bed everyday.

Moving Daniel in was not that hard at all especially when his dad's plane got delayed a day from being on a business trip.  So I was thankful we had less to move into his room.

This last picture of him is him standing in front of Hess Hall dormatory on move in day.    

His dorm has where the girls live on the left side of the dorm and guys live on the right side but not on the same floors.  

This last picture of Daniel and Grace last Friday night.  She came to have dinner with him along with Grace's husband, Esteban, who is a Senior and an architect major there at UTK.  But for some reason he wasn't in the picture.  I am SO THANKFUL Daniel and Grace are so close even though they are 5yrs apart in age.  They like hanging out with each other which Ted and I have always said we have felt so blessed by this!!

Thank you for taking the time to read all this, and I hope to be posting more regularly.  It has been a very trying year for me as most of you know. 

Until next post......HAPPY STITCHING!!!