Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Finished projects photos

Wow!  Don't you just love blogs???  I do....except when I'm about to publish a post and then LOSE everything that I've typed up to post!!!  Oh well.  I'm trying this again.

Here are few finishes that I've done this month.  I took a small break from MBT The Lord's Prayer since the beginning of this month because my mom flew out to visit with us and we took her to the Grand Canyon!!!  We had a great time and she did to as she'd never been there before.  So I knew that stitching small projects would be the way to go this month.

Here are some pictures for you viewing pleasure.

LHN Hallelujah 2011 ornament

LHN Blessed 2012 ornament

LK A Little Love  (and please post how you think it might look to be finished off -- pillow, pinkeep, stuffed ornament, frames, or any idea will be greatly appreciated.)

JBW A Sweet Bouquet  (made with pink toile fabric)

Tomorrow I will post my WIP photos.  I hope you have a great day.



  1. Beautiful stitching, Brenda. All your finishings are so pretty.


  2. Great finishes and I love Blessed. I can't wait to finish mine. I am halfway through it. Since I am into small pillows for displaying that is what I would suggest for A Little Love. Please show it when you decide how to finish it.


  3. Your finishes are beautiful Brenda.

  4. Hey Brenda! I'm now stalking (following) your blog. I think the Love ornament would be great as a lightly padded square, finished with double pink and blue silk ruched ribbon edge. After that is done, some color coordinated 6mm Swarovski crystal bicones or rounds about 3 to each side. After that, some of the same ribbon in a double bow cluster at the bottom, held in with a crystal as well.