Monday, March 5, 2012

Stitchy goodies in the mail!!!

Oh my starsssss!!!!  I won a BINGO prize on our Tranquil Stitches message board and the prize was a xstitched pincushion!  It is soooo beautiful and so exquisitely made that I was just thrilled with winning the bingo game and knowing I would receive this pincushion as a prize.  But when I got the package in the mail today, not only did I get the xstitched pincushion but some more wonderful goodies to go along with my pincushion and they all matched so perfectly! 

My prizes were the pincushion, new pins for the pincushion, new blue scissors to match the pincushion, and a set of notecards that matched as well.  I just LOVE notecards and use them all the time but these look almost too pretty to write on....but I know I will!  You can see all my gifts below!  Thank you sooo much JoAnn for such wonderful gifts!!!

I just LOVE how it is all stitched over one thread and the finishing fabrics match her dress so beautifully!!!   I may have to xstitch the girl to make a scissor fob for my new scissors.  Thank you again JoAnn!!!!


  1. Great win!! Now as visiting your place, I just remembered I'll have to stitch my ornament for this month ;)

  2. Wow, lucky you! What a great gift!!!

  3. Brenda it difficult to join tranquil stitches? Would you tell me how to join and a bit about it