Thursday, February 7, 2019

February ORTs.....

Sharon of It's Daffycat had posted our TUSAL on Monday, Feb 4.  She is our host for our TUSAL and you can click on her blog name to find out more about this group.

Sadly, I was NOT feeling well on Monday so I did not do much of anything, let alone check email.  Shame on me.  But I now have it on my calender all the dates for my TUSAL posting dates so I won't forget them in  the future.

I was gone a lot traveling last year so I am hoping to get back into the habit of posting on my blog. 

Here is my ORTs for our TUSAL posting!!!

Now I am off to make some lunch and then settle in for some serious stitching today because we have 100% chance of rain scheduled to happen today.  Thank goodness I have already been this morning to have my labs drawn and back home before this downpour settled in!!



  1. Brenda, hope you are feeling better. Nice pile of ORTs! I think that is a great idea to stitch and stay out of the rain.

  2. Labs drawn sounds painful.Snow and rain are always good for guilt-free stitching, especially when you are looking out on a garden in desperate need of weeding.

  3. Nice tin of Ort's, I hope you had a wonderful stitchy day.


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