Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New linen and a new kit!!!!

OOOOOOO  what a great day today is!!!  I got in the mail some 45ct Florence Italian linen given to me by KB who was sooooo gracious enough to send not one but 2 pieces of this linen for me to try.  I was wanting to try the 45ct (which is tiny for those of you who don't xstitch) and I didn't want to order a huge piece in case I couldn't see to xstitch on it.  It is soooo soft yet firm enough to the touch.  Now to find a special project for each of these pieces of fabric.  I've only taken a picture of one of the pieces though.

I also got from Shepherd's Bush today a kit they had on their blog.  It was the new Kelmscott Designs William & Catherine Wedding Wishes.  I got the chart, fabric, Elizabeth I Kelmscott scissors, and the royal crown Kelmscott needleminder!!!  I just LOVE stitchy mail....even if I have to pay for it myself.

No....I'm not British but my best friend Karen is and I have a very dear designer friend Carol of iStitch that is British also!  I wanted to do this pincushion to put in my pincushion basket.   So oh darn.......I have to start this new wonderful project to hopefully have done by Friday when the Royal Wedding takes place.  Even if I have to do the finishing work on Friday that will be fine with me.  So I have a goal start this new project!   haha  Twist my arm to have to start something new!  lol 

I'm off to start this now!!! 
Have a great day!

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