Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sewing fabrics and xstitching update....

Today my DD and I went shopping at JoAnn Fabrics for "western type" fabric so I can make matching vests for us to wear to chapel on Father's Day next Sunday.  It is to be a "western" theme so we found this cool fabric with cowboys and horses on it and now I can't remember what else.  We were going to get the cowboy hat buttons but they didn't have enough so we got a different looking kind of button.  I will post pics when it gets finished this week.

I did go away to my stitching retreat up in Prescott!  I had a FABULOUS TIME seeing my friend who had invited me and meeting all the other ladies.  We laughed, ate wonderful food, stayed up late xstitching for me and beading and knitting for the other ladies.  There was 4 of us who did make a road trip to the Attic for a day of shopping.  I had a chart on hold there of Gigi's R designs called A&E.  I can't WAIT to start on it.  I will post some pics from my stitching retreat and all the wonderful works that these talented ladies were beading, knitting and stitching!

Then my mom came out to visit for a week.  We took her to see the AZ Diamondbacks baseball game and showing her the AZ landscape.  We also went shopping too!  It was a great time having her here. 

Now....we're back on a regular schedule of the normal day to day things.   I've got some projects in mind to stitch.  I just finished something for a "patriotic exchange" that I can't show you for now but will soon.  Plus.....I've just kitted up Gigi's A&E chart that I hope to start stitching sometime this week.  I also started knitting a scarf for my mom's xmas present this year.  I had her pick out the color while she was here as sometimes she and I don't have the same taste in color.  I will show that one to you when I get more done on it too. 

Another chart I've just ordered the Hand Dyed Fiber threads for is The Primitive Needle A&E.  I can't WAIT to start on it either.   I finished a Blackbird Designs mini stocking that I hope to sew up this week and maybe do some other finishing work on my stash too. 

I think that is all for now.  I will try to do better about posting more.  I hope everyone is having a great day!


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