Friday, July 15, 2011

Another prize received.....

I received in the mail on Thursday another tuck from my Tranquil Stitches message board July 4 contest.  This was from my good friend Karen and she made some counting pins which you can see laying inside the tuck.  That was the additional surprise from her. stitch something new for the tuck.

I finished a couple of stitching projects yesterday but I can't share those yet because the ladies have not received them yet because the projects are for their birthdays coming up.  When they receive them, I will share then.

Now.....on to other stitching things.  I'm still working on my CCN Red, White and Bloom.  I had to frog out the green I had stitched in on the middle section where WHITE is stitched in for a darker green.  Not to worry.....the original green I bought will not go to waste.

I also need to get started on my dad's xmas ornament.  It will be another Prairie Schooler ornament with a deer on it.  I will post it here when I get it stitched and finished because he doesn't have a computer to see it ahead of time.  I already have my mom's ornament picked out as well.  She loved my friend's BBD mini stocking but a different design so I will stitch her that one for her xmas ornament this year.  And yes....I'll share that finish when it gets done as well.

I have started another small piece for Ted's office.  I showed you in a previous post of a couple of charts I bought to stitch up for his office.  It is LK Work Pray Trust.  You can see that chart again here.

I've been working on my NeedleWork Press Anne Wheatley SAL from the Attic.  I will be going to Sampler Sunday Stitching there this coming Sunday.  I'm really looking forward to it.  I hope to get more stitched on her but I also need to finish up SB Sail Away so I may work more on that since I'm soooo close to being done on Sail Away. 

That is all for now.  I hope you have a very wonderful weekend and find some stitching time for yourself.  My daughter comes home from Band Camp this Saturday so I'll be anxious to see her and spend some time with her on what they did and what she learned for marching techniques.

Happy Stitching......

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