Tuesday, February 14, 2012

1 year Anniversary of my blog!!!

I just love Valentines Day.  I think it is because it's all about love and I'm so in love with my husband and family that I just can't help share love with others too.  I love chocolate, red hearts, pink hearts, and the celebration of the whole Valentine's Day!  My husband and family always makes me feel soooo loved and special each and every day that I feel soooo very blessed!  I could go on and on but I don't think you want to read all that and get on to what the prize will be.  We all love a prize now don't we??!!

As I stated in my earlier posts, I would be having a Blogoversery prize!  I am not sure if that is spelled correctly as I never learned about "blogs" when I was going to school.  So I've been stitching up a small design that will be made into a pincushion but you will also receive a Valentine chart from iStitch Designs.  The chart choices are Sew In Love, Sew Be My Valentine, or Sew I Love you chart.   You can see the designs HERE on Carol's blog.  If by some chance you already have purchased any of these 3 charts, please let me know and we can find one that you may not have already bought.
The rules are as follows:

1.  Tell why Valentines Day is special to you.
2.  Tell me which iStitch Valentines Day chart you would like to receive.
2.  Leave an email address so I can contact you about mailing your prize.

That's it.  Simple rules for my blog's first anniversary.  I will use a random generator to pick at the end of the day and I will be in contact with you after that.

Now....for me to celebrate today also, I'm going to xstitch all day ..... until it's time to give my family their Valentines Day presents this evening!




    Valentine's is special to me because it's the day I met my hubby over 26 years ago. We met via a friend and it really was love at first site for the both of us.We have been together ever since.


  2. Valentines Day has been special for me for many years now because when the eyes of the first graders in my classroom get so excited about sharing their homemade valentine cards, it still brings tears to my eyes....They get SO excited about the most simple things! Even with misspelled words and hard to read handwriting, they share with excitement that Valentines Day means we love every one....

    Happy Valentines day to you!! I would take any chart of Carol's ..

    Faye lriggsbee@nc.rr.com

  3. Happy Blogoversary! We usually keep it somewhat lowkey for Valentine's Day but still celebrate it! It is fun to see who picks out the funniest card for each other, which in the past few years we actually twice have picked the same card for each other. LOL We still celebrate our love for each other and our family. If i was to win, you can surprise me with whichever chart you want, i don't have any of them. :)

    Hugs, karen

  4. That is crazy I replied the other day under missy and it is not there now.I had said I enjoyed Valentines when my kids were small and how I enjoyed the kids at school with all of thier Valentines.