Saturday, June 8, 2013

Graduation pictures....

Wow....boy am I late in posting my daughter's graduation pictures.  But in all honesty I have just been very busy.  So my sincere apologies also.  I did take pics of some my xstitching project with great intentions of posting them here and I will.....maybe later on today but just not in this post.  It's all about Grace.

All the students marching in to take their seats.

There she is!!!!!

Looking back to find her family

They are all seated on the baseball field!!!

Being recognized for National Honor Society

Walking to get in line to get her diploma

Accepting her diploma

They are all graduated and just waiting to be dismissed.

Walking to where they can all toss their caps!

Graduation cap toss!

Grace posing with family and friends!

Grace with her family!!!!



  1. Congrats! And good luck to her in the next phase of her life! It's exciting and scar to send them off to college etc but they do great!

  2. Lovely pictures Brenda - thank you for sharing!

  3. Congratulations to Grace! You must be so proud!