Friday, August 9, 2013

It's My Birthday Today!!!!!

YEAHHHH it's my birthday today!!! I will tell you though my family and friends have spoiled me rotten.  My son gave me a gorgeous watch and my daughter sent me a card from college and we skyped so THAT was her birthday present to me which I was THRILLED to get to see her!!  And my hubby paid for my Jill Rensel framing that I will show you in a minute but I also got to Skype with him also today from his deployment location.  So here is the picture of my gifts from my family and friends.

And of course, all the gifts came with cards as well.  I didn't photograph the cards though this time.  Oh and I got a cookbook from my sister and a small figurine from one of my best friends but I forgot to put them in the pic.  That's the 3rd time I've photographed all my presents trying to get them all in there.  I knew I would forget something.  I always do. 

So the 2 framed pieces are the Just Nan LOVE and Shepherd's Bush Sail Away.  I thought I had a picture of them but for some reason they were not saved on the external hard drive like I thought they were.  They are on the "old computer" that died.  So now....I really do have to get the old computer fixed to get all my xstitch charts and pictures off of it. 

If you scroll down some on my blog, you should be able to see the framing that Jill did for me.  So sorry to not being able to show it here now.  Oh well.  Life happens.

THANK YOU to all my friends who have blessed me beyond measure today for my birthday. decide WHERE TO GO EAT for my Birthday dinner.  It is a toss up of Buffalo Wild Wings and Red Robin.  Hmmmm decision decisions.  And to make my Hershey's Deep Dark Chocolate Cake with Buttercream icing for my birthday cake later on tonight.  I'm going to go xstitch now until dinner!

Happy Stitching!