Saturday, June 28, 2014

TUSAL report......

WOW.....where did June go to??????  Well when you add in a vacation and then come back home and be just as busy as you were on vacation.....TIME FLIES!!  So this month I have stitched a lot while on vacation.  I managed to remember to take my little ORT keeper to keep all my ORTs in while on vacation.  I came back and added them to my ORT jar.  It's starting to really fill up.  I can't wait to see how full it will be by Dec!!!

I've already shown you one picture of the finishes I did while on vacation.  That was the BRD Redbirds Rejoice for my "smalls" blog post.  The other is a LK Faith, Hope & Love that I still need to add one small button to and I can say she is fully finished.  The other project that I was able to finish was BBD In Full Glory!!  I am still deciding on whether to add the year 2014 on it or put my initial on it.  I'm leaning more towards the year.  What do you think???

I'm off to stitch.  I have been advising/overseeing/helping my daughter sew her ComiCon outfit this year.  She did great sewing her first full outfit by herself.  There were a few tidbits that I had to help with but overall she did great!  Not an easy outfit to make for someone for the first time so that's why I said she did great.  I'll try to share that in another post as my son also made him a costume for them to go to a Comic Book/ComiCon convention type thing this morning.  (Which meant I got to run errands with hubby and have a LUNCH DATE to ourselves!!!  WOOHOO)  Don't get me wrong....I love having my kids along but sometimes it's nice to just have a date, even if it is for lunch, with my hubby!

Happy Stitching!

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  1. I remember the first time I went to PALS at Myrtle Beach in 2011, a ComiCon was also at the convention center. It was amusing to see the peoples in costumes! I look forward to seeing pictures!