Thursday, October 29, 2015

October Smalls

Heather of Stitching Lotus is our host of our monthly Smalls SAL.  I wanted to post yesterday but as usual, my computer would not let me post ANY pictures!  Arggghhhh  So I am at Best Buy at 10a.m. first thing this morning to see WHAT IS WRONG with my computer now.  He looked at it and could not find anything wrong.  He said that the computer was just fine and that most likely it was something with Blogger.  But he did help me and said that I could copy and paste my pictures in my post instead of using the little window file to just click above to post the pictures. 
So if someone knows HOW to get the "Insert Image" link to work or for me to be able to have the pictures "clickable" again, it would be greatly appreciated for any help you can offer.
The first smalls I have are 2 small MBT Cross of Christmas ornaments from the 2009 JCS magazine.  I stitched these 2 ornaments.  One for my husbands boss who was moving to a new duty station and the other for the secretary who had worked for the AF for 40years!!!  These were stitched with HDF Magpie Tears 2343 and 2349 for the one on the left and Magpie Tears 2345 and 2349 for the one on on the right. 
I was able to finish another round box by Shepherd's Bush called Hear Bells!  I am still missing 1 more round box kit somewhere in my stash.  I have looked EVERYWHERE that I know and still can't find it so I just ordered that kit when I was ordering something else form SB. 

Here is an ornament that I have stitched recently!  This is a Santa from Prairie Schooler Good Saint Nick chart.  I just LOVE that chart and I remember singing that song as a child.....which is WHY I bought the chart!  I still need to stitch the whole thing with that verse!
Now I get to share my JN Witchy Mouse all finished!  I had her stitched since about February but went to finish her last month and finish her into the mouse.  I got her all done but had issues with trying to figure out how to do her broom.  I think I was overthinking the process of finishing it but just put it away and asked my friend Janet when she came for a visit.  She agreed with me how I was to finish the broom as I was doing it right.  So NOW......Witchy Mouse is all done and on display in my formal living room area.  She is really REALLY cute!!
My last Halloween piece that I have finished was BBD Midnight Ride that I did as a SAL with Janet.  This was stitched on 40ct and placed on top of a small wooden box.
And the little pincushion that went along with the chart as well.  The ribbon was supposed to be couched down around the pincushion with small tails left but I didn't like the ribbon just laying flat so I made little poufs all around it.  I like it a lot better that way.
I have many more ornaments that I have stitched up and are waiting to be finished but I can't show those to you right now as some are Christmast gifts!!! 
Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and comment on it. I don't always get to reply to your comments but I do thank you for stopping by to have a look and read.  I will try better at replying to your comments!
Happy Stitching!


  1. I like the argyle fabric you used for finishing! Beautiful work.

    Your Best Buy guy's advice is okay, but clearly he doesn't understand how important it is for stitchers to click to enlarge. (His workaround prevents this.) Better to try Blogger to see if they know of any issues. You can ask, by hitting the "complain to Blogger" button in the lower right hand corner when you are logged in to their site.

  2. Brenda, thanks for sharing your pictures! Love the PS Santa ornament. Need to see if I have that leaflet in my PS file.

    Robin in Virginia

  3. You have been so productive.
    Lovely finishes.
    I have been gifted that little mouse, it looks so cute... will definitely have to give it a go for next year.

  4. OMGosh Brenda - So many wonderful finishes in this post ! You've been a busy gal. Love the midnight ride box and the little JN mouse - too cute - the PS santa is darling too. So many creative things - hope you have a fun Halloween and using all your stitchy things in your home.
    enjoy! Mel

  5. You have been very busy!! All cute finishes! Not sure what problem you are having with blogger. I have seen some hiccups lately... but it worked today without a hitch. If you want to discuss, email me and we can give it a whirl! Hugs!