Friday, April 22, 2016

A Complete Stitching Day, a new start, and a finish to show!!!

WOOHOO!!!!  Today is officially my Friday Stitching Day!!!  I am taking the day off from all chores, errands, dr appointments, or anything else that might come along today.  I had not feeling well for several days due to my MS so that really puts me behind in my stitching I feel.

I've been trying to complete a project that has been LONNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGG overdue to be finished!!!  The reason being that I wanted it finished is that I want to take it with me when I go to the SB Retreat this October and drop it off at Jill Rensel's studio to be framed!!  I just LOVE the way she frames and yes.....I will wait for her to frame it and send it to me.  For me, it's worth it!!!

This was a 2011 Dyeing To Stitch Retreat piece from SB called Her World.  It is released under the name now of "Gratitude Sampler".  Yes, I know it's an old UFO but it was almost finished when it got put aside.  I knew I should have just stuck with it and finished it back in 2011.

Here is the sampler:

Now for my stitching day, I've been debating on WHAT to stitch!  Ohhhhh so many goodies that I could start from my sewing room, but I think I'm going to start JN Charming House of Lindy Mouse.  JN did this for Lindy at The Silver Needle back in 2014, and I was just about to move from AZ to OH.  In fact, I was on VACATION when this came out, ordered it, but I called Lindy up at The Silver Needle to ask her to NOT ship it to be as I would like to just pick up the kit on the way cross country.  (Good excuse for getting DH and DS to stop at a cross stitch store along a cross country move!!!!  I thought so!!!)  I was NOT disappointed in the stop as I can always find something to add to my stash from a cross stitch shop.....even if it is just a pretty skein of silk or overdyed thread!  And I did too!!! LOL  If you want to see more close up pictures, just Google the name of the chart and it will come up  with bigger pictures for you to see.  I've been seeing it on the JN Junkies FB page which reminded me that I had it to stitch!

Here is what I'll be starting today.

And here are all my supplies ready for me to start stitching.  I cut the big piece of fabric into 2 pieces.  The smaller one on the left side will be for the roof design, and the bigger piece of Flax linen on the right will be the house!  The small white piece of linen will be for Lindy Mouse! go find a brand new Bohin size 28 needle, and I'm ready to start!!!

Now it's time for me to get off this computer and get started on some FUN STITCHING for today.  I have my Chick Fil A sweet tea in the fridge, and a couple of cans of Pepsi to help me stay energized and stitch the day ....and night.... away!!!  This will be a great day as DS is having a Youth Lock In at church and DS is one of the chaperones.  Oh if only my close girlfriends were here, we'd have a HUGE stitching party at my house with movies, laughter and LOTS of stitching time!!!!

Be sure to check back for some progress pictures of the Lindy Mouse House!!!

Happy Stitching!


  1. wow Brenda che bello il tuo ricamo e anche il tuo nuovo inizio

  2. Congratulations on your finish, Brenda! I am glad you are giving yourself a total stitch day today. Woohoo! If I lived nearer, I would definitely join you. I look forward to see Lindy Mouse House's progress. Enjoy your day and weekend!

  3. Lovely finish! I will stitch this evening with you. Enjoy your stitching time!

  4. Your stitching day sounds perfect! Hope you enjoyed it.

  5. Lucky you, a whole day of stitching!!! Bliss :)