Thursday, May 5, 2016

JN pearl frame update.....

Thank you to all who offered suggestions in helping me find the JN Pearl Frame for Just Nan's 2 small project Pearl Angel and Lavender Angel.  I was able to find those wonderful pearl frames at Judy's Stitchery Nook.

So YEAH!!!  Now I can stitch these 2 up and I'll just say "Happy Mother's Day" to me!!!  LOL

Back to my stitching and sewing for today.  I'm finally getting around to sewing up my Easter dress.  I was going to sew it up for Easter but we were on Spring Break and DH didn't really want to fool with taking dress clothes in for Easter Sunday.  So we just took NICE looking casual clothes for that Sunday.  But here is our daughter and the Easter dress I made for her ..... which mine will look just like hers.  She has a matching hairbow that you can't really see but I always make one to match her dresses!  This was taken at our home church that she attends while going to college!  She's soooo pretty!!!  She beaded the necklace herself and will make me one when she comes back home for the summer to match my dress too!!!

Back to the sewing room now!

Happy Stitching!


  1. Brenda, I am glad you were able to find the frames you were looking for. Aren't stitchers the best? Your daughter is beautiful and what a smile she has. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  2. It's a beautiful dress. I love the color You are very gifted

  3. Lovely dress - and great color!! Your daughter is beautiful.