Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New things added for my blog...... I'm a little slow at all this "blogging" and a friend suggested I add some things to it.  Well I always wanted color on it so it didn't look so plain and I figured that out easily enough.  Now today....she wanted me to add where it would let her know when I post something.  I think I've done that right but I also figured out how to add my blogs that I follow on there as well.  YEAH ME (patting self on back)  and I didn't even have my husband or teenage daughter to help me!  So I may not be as computer illerate as I think I am.  haha get some pictures added on here too.  I'll save that for tomorrow.......because I'm off to xstitch until time to get my son from school.


  1. Excellent! Now you are on my Google homepage and I can see all your updates!!


  2. Love the pink! Now for some pictures of your lovely stitching please!