Friday, February 25, 2011

Picture Day

As you can see, I've been busy. Ok it's more of a sanity break from unpacking so many boxes but also great motivation to get everything unpacked so I CAN XSTITCH.

The first picture is Scarlet Letter Jane Rees. I'm almost finished with the first page and will be going on to the 2nd page. I want to work across this humongous sampler and then down. I'm stitching Jane Rees on 38ct White Gander linen. LOVE THIS LINEN as I was able to buy it in France from Tissage Gander!!

The second picture is Shepherd's Bush Road To Bethlehem. It came as a kit and this will be for me!

The third picture is My Big Toe GRACE Building Block. My daughter picked out the colors to match her room. It is being stitched on 32ct Cream Belfast.

I have more stitching but they are for exchanges and I really can't share the pictures just yet because that person may see her present!

Until another day......I'm off to have lunch with my hubby who just came home unexpectedly!!! YEAHHH


  1. Beautiful work, as always!! What good Mexican places have you found?? I need to come eat some guacamole in AZ.

  2. Your stitching is lovely. I love the colors your DD picked out for Grace.