Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sampler Sunday at the Attic, some WIPs, new goodies

I went this past Sunday to the Attic for their Sampler Sunday Stitching.  I took 2 projects but only stitched on one.  I stitched on Gigi R Collection Privee Elizabeth Precious 1817 as I really wanted to get more done on it, and I knew it would be easier to stitch while listening to Vicky's wonderful talk about reproduction samplers. 

I also took my Scarlet-Letter Jane Rees WIP as I haven't been able to stitch on her very much due to all the company I have been having recently but I did want to share with them my WIP of her.  Here is where I am right now which I hope to get back to here soon after I complete this special project I'm stitching but I can't share pictures of it yet.....for fear that the person it is for will read my blog.

Here is another WIP that I'm almost....ALMOST....finished with.  I hope to be by this time next week and then I can share the finish with you.  It is SB Sail Away.

I also started a new project for myself this past Friday.  I started my Gigi "B" Sampler and I'm stitching it on 32ct White Belfast with HDF Winterberry 1423 in premium silk floss.  I'm sorry for the wrinkled fabric and low lighting.  The sun WAS OUT when I started to take all the pics but for some reason it went in and out of clouds.

And last week, I did buy myself 2 new pairs of scissors.  I got the rabbit ones for a Danybrod design that I want to stitch up and make a small rabbit fob for the end of my new scissors.  I also got the cute pair of black cat scissors as well.  I need to find a cat design (hopefully somewhere in my stash of charts or freebie charts) to make a fob out of for that pair.  We can't have naked scissors!  It just wouldn't be right! 

And last but not least, I finally broke down and bought the Shakespeare's Peddler Jenny Bean's Creation Sampler to make for my husband's office.  I will have to leave off the alphabet at the top as he is not a fan of samplers but that's ok.  I did go ahead and buy the thread pack because Jean had it so conveniently attached to the chart so I wouldn't have to pull the threads for it.  So oh darn.....it had to come home with me too.  hehe  I know the chart called for 40ct Vintage Pear Lakeside Linen but I am going to do a floss toss and see what wonderful linen I can find in my stash.  THEN if I don't find any fabric, I will buy some then. 

I am also doing an exchange for a message board I'm on so I will start that little project today.  I will share a photo AFTER I know she's gotten it.  This is all the news for now from me.  I've just been really busy with the kid's activities lately and we have been doing some entertaining for friends also and then I had planned a Pampered Chef party last Friday night.  So those are some reasons why I haven't been stitching more lately or posting more.  Hopefully I will get a lot more stitching time as you can see I have some wonderful projects to work on.  I hope you have a wonderful day.



  1. Love all your WIPs Brenda! Jane is looking good and I love your 'B' - I am now thinking of checking out Gigi's 'C'!

  2. Woo hoo on all your new goodies. All of your WIPs look wonderful!

  3. Such lovely wips Brenda! Great new scissors, how about one of the Dinky Dyes I think it is, Crazy Kitties for the cat pair?