Saturday, April 28, 2012

An Easter pincushion......

I just LOVED stitching this little pincushion.  It is an iStitch design called Sew RabbitS.  You can buy this chart here .  Just scroll down the page to find it.  I had it stitched up for a while but was looking for the "perfect" backing fabric to finish it off with and I did.  It is filled with the crushed walnuts.

It is stitched on 38ct Green Gander linen using Hand Dyed Fibers regular silk Golden Blush 1 strand over 2 threads.

I will have other finishes to share over the next few days.

Happy Stitching.


  1. Very cute. You are on a finishing roll.

  2. Your finishing fabric is perfect! I need to stitch this for next Easter.