Tuesday, August 28, 2012

2 ornament finishes.....

YEAH ..... I can post pictures again.  I just don't like computer issues and it will aggravate me more than anything. 

I have 2 ornament finishes but really I am only going to show you one today.  The stitching is finished but I will do the actual finishing tomorrow so really.....I should wait til then right???!!!  Naaaaaa.......I will show you one but the other I will show later on because it is for my Shepherd's Bush Retreat Ornament exchange and I don't want to give anything away just yet.

This is LHN Good Tidings from Diane's 2011 ornament series.  I have LOVED this ornament ever since it came out and now I have it stitched up!  WOOOHOOOO

I'm still deciding on whether to finish it off as a stuffed ornament or to put foam core behind it and make a flat ornament.  Hmmmm decisions decisions!!  I find it sooo much easier to just sew a backing fabric to it and then apply a cording around it.  Maybe it is because sewing it makes it 'finished' much quicker than mounting it on foam core.  I'll have to see what mood I'm in tomorrow when I get around to finishing it.

I'm off to stitch on my Tulips Praise for my German Yahoo Group.  I'm on part 3 and really love this chart as I find it easy to xstitch when I need some easy xstitching.

I have sooooo many other projects that I want to xstitch also.  Samplers, ornaments, smalls, etc.  Now to find time.....

Happy Stitching everyone!


  1. Lovely stitching Brenda - look forward to seeing your 'final' finish!

  2. Great job. I understand what you mean about finishing them off as pillows, it is so much faster. Instant gratification. ;)