Friday, October 19, 2012

More Jill Rensel studio pics

I'm hoping that I can get it right this time.  Not too sure why the pics won't post as I'm resizing them all to post on here.

This was a chart that was sold in SB shop but we didn't know the name of it and Jill couldn't think of it at the time.  Thankfully I had taken a picture of it and we all went back to SB for Beth and I to buy this chart.  She and I just loved it!

SB Busy Sheep kit

In this picture L to R, Debra, Angelica, Jill, and Brenda.

Jill and Brenda with her wonderful Christmas table all laid out behind us.

Another framed picture ......

That is all I can get to post today.  I have 2 more pictures remaining that I really hope to show you that I took in Jill's studio.  I've been resizing them all down quite a bit but the last 2 are giving me fits about posting them.  I will keep working on it though and hopefully will find a solution to the right size for posting them.

Until then....Happy Stitching.

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