Saturday, October 13, 2012

More retreat pics day 2 - picture heavy

Here are some more pics of our day 2 of our week long trip.  We had left on Sun Sept 23 and our little group of 4 did a lot of things that week. 

We made our way up to Ogden, UT where Shepherd's Bush shop was located.  We stayed at the Marriott right across the road from SB shop.  It was sooooooo convenient to walk to and get there quickly esp when we may have forgotten to buy something. 

I will be posting a few pictures each day of our week.  On that Monday, we HAD to visit Shepherd's Bush shop first as we knew it would be crowded yet fun!  Ok fun for me but not fun for those people who do not like big crowds! 

The following pics are just ones I snapped throughout SB wonderfully decorated walls!!!  And to have those gorgeous painted cabinets to store my stash in........well maybe one day when we settle down and don't move every 2 years.


I hope you enjoyed my "tour" of the shop with all the pictures I've posted today.  I am POSITIVE that I did not get all that is there but.....that will be another trip one day!


  1. I'm almost passing out by just looking at these lovely pictures... What a wonderful retreat where you girls were...

  2. Wow--that IS a lot of framed pieces on the walls! It would have taken me hours to look at them all! As a former Navy wife... you should just go for it! You might never stay long in one place! We moved 13 times in 12 years! Hugs!