Friday, January 31, 2014

TUSAL report and a few other pictures added in.....

Today I am posting my first TUSAL report.  Yeah!!!  What is a TUSAL you ask???  It is a "totally useless SAL" and you can find out more about it on my sidebar icon link or HERE.  I had gotten this wonderful little painted ORT box from my dear friend Pat and so I'm finally getting to put it into great use each month. 

Here are all my little ORTS this month.  (This is only from my xstitching....not my sewing room for making and sewing up projects on the sewing machine.)

And here it is in my new ORT jar that I hope to fill up this coming year.  Isn't it pretty???  I got it at Michaels for only $1!!!!  Not a bad price!!!

Last night, I got to thinking what did I want to stitch for our Feb Just Nan SAL.  I started to have a contest and let yall pick what I was going to stitch but I didn't need help.  In February, we have Valentines Day so I wanted something with HEARTS on it.  I just love hearts!!! ♥♥♥♥  Don't you just love those little hearts????  My DD taught me how to do those on the computer!!  lol 

Here is what I will be starting tomorrow on Feb 1.......Cherub Garden!  I also have the adorable whimzi frame to put it in.  As I said, I am a sucker for hearts which is why I'm surprised I haven't stitched it up before now. 

I will be thinking what JN I will want to stitch for March so I can be planning and gathering up supplies ahead of time.  I have sooooo many Just Nan's that it actually comes down to really trying hard to decide WHAT to start and stitch up.  But I've got a couple of bigger JN's already started so I am hoping to continue on those each month during our SAL. 

I am dying to show you more pictures but I will wait to do that tomorrow.  I don't want to overwhelm you with a ton of pictures today. 

February is my Blog anniversary month so be sure to stop back by and see what is going on.  I may have a contest to win a prize to celebrate my anniversary month!!!  Until then........



  1. That is a beautiful project. All the pretty threads! So fun to sew.

  2. Love your new TUSAL container! The ruffly edge is really pretty :) I absolutely adore hearts too, all year round, and Cherub Garden is beautiful! I'm new to JN for this SAL, and there's so many designs I haven't seen before. Looking forward to seeing your progress, and Happy Blogiversary Month to you :)

  3. That will be a really cute finish for February! February is also my blogoversary month--that's coming next! Just finishing birthday goings-on! Hugs!