Monday, November 24, 2014

Painted Atoid Tin information.....

Maggee commented about what was the procedure for painting the Altoid tin that I posted in my last post.  Here is what it looked like.

As I said in the previous post, my friend Pat tole painted it for me as a present, but I had no idea what or how it was done.  So to find out the answer for Maggee, I just emailed Pat and here is what she replied to how the painting of an Altoid tin is done.

"Tin is much different than wood because it is not porous.  I will assume the tin has no rust because that is an entirely different process. 
I sand the tin well so it has *tooth* for the paint to stick.  Then wash the tin in soapy water, rinse and wipe with vinegar and let dry.  Let dry thoroughly - several days is best. It is important to do the vinegar to remove any oils that may be on the tin. (Paint will peel off if there is oil)   I use an all purpose sealer for the next step but most people don't have it, so  you can use RustOleum and spray the tin lightly.  Let dry thoroughly.  Then paint the tin with your basecoat  color - several coats.  Again let it dry before adding any decorations or designs.  If is a good idea to varnish the tin when your design is complete.   
This is not a quick process - that is why I try to prepare more than one tin when I start.  But tin makes a nice surface to paint on so the prep work is worth it."
I only paint on wood frames that I know I will be keeping for myself or on paper mache boxes.  Painting is not my area of expertise as it is for Pat.  As I told her, I will stick to the sewn projects and cross stitching projects.  I don't need to take on another hobby.  I have enough as it is!
I thought if one person was questioning, others might wonder as well.  So I decided to just post it all here for everyone to read.
Happy Stitching.....or Happy Painting if that is your hobby!

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  1. Why thank you! I will file this away for the spring, when I can do stuff outdoors again... Winter is coming too soon! I really appreciate you finding out how to do this for us!! Hugs!