Friday, June 5, 2015

Newly framed Shepherd's Bush projects!!!!

OMS!!!!  Don't you just love it when you finish a project???  I do!!!  But I also LOVE starting new projects too!  So when I went to Shepherd's Bush last October, I set my sights on getting some Shepherd's Bush projects finished (if they weren't) and to finish a few new ones!!!  I took 4 projects with me to drop off at Jill Rensel Studio to be framed while I was there to go to the SB retreat.  If you haven't visited Jill's blog to see her AMAZING FRAMING, then you need to click on her link on my side bar or here at Rensel Studio.  Jill and her staff do such a fabulous job but you do have to wait for the framing.  Yes....I am willing to wait for Jill and her staff to get to my framing done with all their beautiful creativity!!!

I got my package today and took pictures of the process that Jill and her staff go through to make sure your framing is packaged securely and safely without fear of it being damaged.  So here are the pictures I took today in the process of opening the package from her.  It is soooo well packaged that it's like opening a Christmas present.

OK.  So I had cut it open before remembering that I wanted to take pictures of how it was packaged!

I had to go retake the picture above as I had forgotten to take the mailing label off the front of the box.

There is packing paper on top and on the bottom.

Pictures taped to huge cardboard and then taped together and padded with bubble wrap around them which makes me feel good knowing that the pictures won't be shifting while in transit.
Each picture is wrapped like a present.  I have come to love seeing things wrapped in brown wrapping paper! :)

Each framed piece get a special cut cardboard insert to place on top of the framed piece for protection while being shipped.

Totally unwrapped from the paper and cardboard!!!!  Aren't they just beautiful!!!???!!!!
Thank you for taking the time to read through this long post!  It's soooo exciting to get newly framed pieces to hang in my house!!!  I have the perfect spot for them all!!!
Happy Stitching!


  1. They are totally lovely! And all the unwrapping adds to the suspense. :)

  2. These are beautiful. They will look so lovely in your home, I'm sure. Well done!!

  3. Brenda, they are gorgeous and so worth the wait! Will you show us again when you get them on the wall?

    Have a fabulous weekend!

    Robin in Virginia

  4. It certainly IS exciting to get framing back, but from Jill Rensel??!! Delightful! I see my Rosemarkie all day long, and love it still!! Hugs!

  5. These look lovely, can you show us when they are hung?

  6. I have wanted to use Jill for framing but was apprehensive about sending my work out there, however so many do - I'm sure it would be OK. thanks for showing your beautiful SB pieces. what fun to see the unpacking process. Have a great week ! Mel

  7. Four lovely projects and stunning framing. I love Jill's blog and seeing her work. Her packaging is incredible too. She is obviously a very caring person!