Thursday, July 30, 2015

Finishing projects.....

I just LOVE to cross stitch if you know me really well.  Sometimes I just don't get the "finishing" done on that project and then that project goes into a cute decorator box that I will finish "later".   This is one of those pretty decorator boxes you can get at Michaels, JoAnn fabrics or Hobby Lobby that you can pick whatever design you like to display. 

Well one box is getting soooo full of my ornaments that I've stitched, bought the finishing fabric for and just put back into the box.  But....not to worry....I do get that urge to REALLY FINISH something!  But I also have another pretty decorator box full of finished fobs and needlerolls.

This is what happened after we got home from our vacation in July and realizing that I wanted a patriotic design for my very pretty Gingher patriotic scissors.  I had already xstitched SB Glory scissor fob up and put it in my "fob decorator box". 

So I pulled out SB Glory fob in hopes of just getting it done one day last week.  I read the instructions and set out to get this finished up.  It was SOOOOO EASY I don't know WHY I just didn't do the finishing work then.  It wasn't difficult to finish as I use the sewing machine like Terri of SB to finish my fobs and then do the hand work for the trims.  She had used rickrack and beads to go around the edges!  I LOVE THIS FINISHING TECHNIQUE!!!  It was SOOOOO EASY!!!  I think it's much easier to apply the rickrack than the ribbons.  I took a side picture also for you to see how the sides look and lay down!!

Here is my latest finish.

My hopes and goals for the rest of the year is to try and get all those ornaments that I've stitched up totally FINISHED!  That way I will have all new handmade ornaments to display on my tree this year.  My goal is to AT LEAST finish 1 if not 2 ornaments each week.  I hope I keep my goal so I will have a lot to decorate this year on my tree!

Now I'm off to cut out my daughter's annual birthday dress.  She's picked out the fabric and pattern, and I want to get it done before I have to take her back to college next month.  ACK!!!  Is it that time already to take her back???!!!  Oh well.  I guess so I better get on the ball and get this dress sewn up this Saturday!!! 

Happy Stitching!


  1. Super finished fob, Brenda! I know you will get those ornaments in finished form by the holidays. Hard to believe your daughter returns back to school soon.

    Robin in Virginia

  2. What a delightful fob - love your finish. I'll have to give ric-rak a try.

  3. Beautiful finish! I bet your tree is going to look amazing.

  4. Love your fob!! I never thought to put Rick rack on, I'll have to try it
    Happy Birthday to your daughter!

  5. Love your little fob, it looks great!

  6. I love your finished fob! Great job! I did some finishing last week, which I hope to post about today! Went out of town Wednesday, so am just now catching up on everything! I bet you finished her dress already! Hugs!

  7. Great finish. Is the ric rac more forgiving than straight ribbon?
    I also put off the sewing part of finishing!