Thursday, August 6, 2015

Summer Tote exchange....

I belong to the Stitcher's Garden message board and through out the year, we do exchanges between our little family message board.  I can show you now what I had stitched for my recipient, JoAnn, and what she sent to me which I received in the mail today!!!  WOOHOO

This is the one I sent to JoAnn.  It is LHN Summer Splendor but I changed the letters just a little bit and took out the A B C  and X Y Z and replaced it with just SUMMER.  As I told JoAnn, I promise that I sewed this design on straight measuring at the top but it was the bag that was originally sewn wrong and left more fabric at the bottom area. 

Here is what JoAnn sent to me.  I am also showing how she lined the inside of the bag which I now wished I had done that for hers.  JoAnn tucked inside my bag a piece of Sassy's fabric, Classic Colorworks in Ladybug and a small floral notepad.  Plus JoAnn had attached a small flower on the front of the bag and top stitched the vine down the bag!  TOOO CUTE!!!

The lining is really a purple color but in this photo it looks blue.  But she matched it to the design on the front!!!  I just LOVE it!!!

Happy Stitching!


  1. What a fabulous tote you received and what a fabulous tote you sent, Brenda! Know you will enjoy yours!

    Robin in Virginia

  2. HI there! So with this exchange, you all got the same bag and then got creative? Excellent idea! Both are so pretty!! Hugs!

  3. Both of them look fantastic, what a wonderful exchange!

  4. What a great exchange. Both bags are lovely, there's a lot of time and thought gone into them.