Tuesday, September 1, 2015

3 Finishes for today......

Happy Tuesday everyone!  I was motivated in getting some finishinig done today which I might add I did accomplish my goals I had set out to do.  I also did the finishing for my SB Fold needlecase but I will be posting about that tomorrow (on Wednesday) because I took step by step pictures of my finishing process just in case someone else wanted to do theirs this way. 

I had this 2011 Snow in Love already sewn up but just needed to get the wired fuzzy cording sewn around the ornament.  I just LOVE this fuzzy wire cording as it just looks like snow!!!

This 2011 Baked Goods ornament was sewn up but I had not stuffed it.  So I stuffed it and already had some leftover cording for it as I had stitched and finished this ornament for my mom's Christmas ornament back in 2011.  This one is for me though. 

I love it when I find just the perfect backing for my ornaments!  It just seems to make the ornament so complete when you have a coordinating backing fabric!!!

My last finishing piece for today was framing up my JN Holly Bows into the frame that I managed to purchase recently off of Ebay!!!  I just LOVE how Just Nan finishes these smalls in those wonderful frames!!!

I think I can honestly say that today was a WOOHOO kind of day for finishing projects!!!  Now.....to go put my pajamas on and settle in for some stitching until bedtime tonight!!!  So check back here again tomorrow to see my SB Fold Needlecase and step by step finishing process!



  1. Definitely a woohoo day for you, Brenda! Where did you get the wired fuzzy cording? I can't say that I have seen it around here. Congratulations on all your finished finishes!

    Robin in Virginia

  2. Woo hoo! I like the fuzzy cording but my favourite finish is the Baked Goods one - I love the matching backing fabric and that gorgeous brown cording. And that circular frame is perfect for your Just Nan beauty!

  3. all your finishing is adorable Brenda ! I've never seen the fuzzy hangers before. Nice that you located that JN frame hanger - it really sets off the piece. Hope Sept. is good to you! Mel

  4. Congratulations on your cute ornament finishes, I love finding coordinating backing fabric too :) Your Just Nan is just gorgeous, the frame really does suit it perfectly, so glad you managed to find one!

  5. They are all lovely!! I have to get back to finishing... have one sitting to the right of me, just waiting... Hugs!

  6. I quite agree, you need the right backing fabric for each ornie, even if no one ever sees it except you and us!
    Live the JN finish too.