Tuesday, July 5, 2016

July TUSAL report and a July 4 cake......

I know.....I am a day late for my July TUSAL report.  Sharon of It's Daffycat is our host of this SAL.  You can click the link on my sidebar or on It's Daffycat to be taken to her blog to see it all.

I was kinda busy yesterday with it being July 4 holiday.  However, I did remember to at least take my picture of my ORTs but just never got around to posting my ORTs picture.  I'm sorry.

Here is what little I have.  It seems like I don't have that many even though I've been stitching projects like crazy.  Perhaps I'm getting extremely frugal with my thread down the last little bit of it in my needle.  LOL

One of the reasons I was busy yesterday was that I was making our 4th of July cake!  I pull out this wonderful recipe that I got off the Betty Crocker website and thought how cool it would be to make this cake for us.  I go to pull out my bundt pan and CAN NOT find it anywhere.  So here I rush off to Walmart to buy a new bundt cake pan for this recipe.  It was not hard to make and was actually fun.  Word of caution though.  When heating the icing up to make it in the microwave, do NOT heat it for very long.  (I don't know where my head was yesterday when heating the white icing up first but just know that it only takes about 5 to 7 seconds in the microwaver and not 15 seconds or you ruin the icing.  LOL)

Here is my Firecracker Red, White and Blue Cake recipe taken from Betty Crocker's website.

Here is what my cake turned out like after I iced it.  It is NOT exactly like the picture on the recipe because when I tried to drizzle it with the spoon like it suggested, the icing just dropped onto the cake.  I had better luck for the most part drizzling it with a fork and trying to be patient doing it.  I don't think it turned out too bad looking but definitely not drizzled like the recipe photo.

Here is the inside of the cake which I thought turned out to be an excellent layering of the batter when baking it.

I think if I bake this recipe again, I will just fill an icing bag and drizzle the icing with the straight tip all over the cake to achieve the results like the recipe picture shows.  But it tasted just fine!!!  That's all that matters.

I'm off to cross stitch on something.  Most likely my Plum Street Sampler Betsy's Tart.

Happy Stitching!!!!


  1. Nice pile of ORTs, Brenda! I think your cake turned out great. Bet it was quite tasty!

  2. That is PLENTY of orts! Interesting cake...hope that everyone loved it! Hugs!