Thursday, July 28, 2016

July's Smalls SAL Post

Today is our monthly Smalls posting date.  This is hosted by Heather of Stitching Lotus.  You can click on the icon above or on her blog name.

I have LOTS of little finishes but 5 of those I can not share a picture of yet.  I will this November after I give the gifts to the recipients in October.

But not to worry.....I still have a couple of ornaments I can share since they are for my mom and dad,  and they do not have a computer to see their annual ornament.

I have my dear friend Robin to thank for telling me about how quick and easy the Foxwood Crossing sleds are to stitch up and finish.  YEP....she was right!  I found a couple of charts that I wanted to make for my parent's annual Christmas ornament for this year.

This is my mom's gingerbread girl sled and this was an excellent choice as my mom LOVES to bake.

This barn one is my dad's sled this year.  This is PERFECT for him since he lives on a farm.

Here is another church sled that Istitched and gave to one of my best friends for her birthday.  Yes....a birthday gift.  Karen and I decided long ago since we both have birthdays in July and August, it would be nice to have our annual Christmas Ornament exchanged ON our birthdays so that we get to enjoy it the whole season at Christmas time.  Yes....this is the same design that Robin gave to me as a gift, but I loved it so much and I just knew Karen would too.

I also managed to get Just Nan Garden Maze stitched up and framed for myself!!!

That's all I can share for cross stitched finishes.  The other gifts will just have to shared later on in the year.

Now I'm back to the sewing room to finish up my DD annual birthday outfit.  I usually sew her a dress but this year she wanted a vest and skirt for her birthday outfit.   I will share her bday picture when I get it made this year.

Happy Stitching!


  1. Super finishes, Brenda! I like what you picked for your parents' ornaments along with the church sled for your friend. And I am very happy to enable you with sled stitching! Your JN piece turned out lovely.

  2. Hi Brenda! What neat, little sleds. Where do you purchase them? I really like the barn one a lot.

  3. I really love those sleds. I have done a couple but I think I need to do the gingerbread girl and your barn too. Garden Maze is beautiful!

  4. You have been busy stitching, lovely little sleds and the garden maze is so pretty

  5. Those little sledges are so cute! Great work on the JN pattern too.

  6. Well, that is plenty to share for the Smalls SAL! The sled sure are cute... good job! And that JN goes perfectly with the frame! Hugs!

  7. Your sleds are so cute but of everything I really love the Just Nancy piece. You found the perfect frame to show it off. Stunning!