Thursday, November 17, 2011

My new YARN BOWL!!!!

Oh my stars!!!!  I've just been blessed by dear friends of mine!!!  Sandy is an avid cross stitcher and knitter and Sandy's husband made her a bowl to hold her yarn in to keep it clean while knitting.  Wellll, I had a fit over how wonderfully made the bowl was but what an EXCELLENT CONCEPT too!!!  Her husband, Larry, handmakes these bowls and I've been the lucky recipient of one of his handcrafted bowls in the past among other wonderful wooden things as well.  Sandy and I have exchanged mailart, ornaments and other stitching items but when she showed me the bowl that Larry made her, I was just speechless.  One because of her fabulous knitting but also because of the bowl.   So without me rambling on and on about this bowl, you can see it here:

You can see in the lower right area where the yarn feeds through the hole while the yarn sits neatly inside the bowl and off the floor or couch.  Each piece of the bowl is handcut and shaped into making this bowl!!! 

All I can say is......I'm sooo amazed at his craftmanship!!!! 



  1. Oh Brenda you lucky lucky lady. I love Larry's creations. I was going to say wood but that didn't sound right!! lol lol


  2. Its beautiful and will provide wonderful memories each day that you use it :D

  3. You make me blush! So glad you like it. Happy knitting (when you're not stitching)