Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Friends and gifts.....

Here is my friend Beth who was my neighbor when I lived in VA.  I gave her the JBW French Country Rooster pillow as a departing gift from me before I moved to Germany.  Then I gave her the French Country Hen pillow when I came for an early visit before my retreat this year.  It was a birthday gift to her.  She loved it!  I was hoping so because she also raises chickens.

But Beth now has the two pillows displayed nicely on her living room couch!  They look so nicely displayed here!

Now seeing them all done up and displayed so nicely makes me want to stitch a set for myself!!!

But here is a picture of both of us before I leave for retreat:

I will try to get the rest of my retreat pictures uploaded, named and posted here in the next few days.  The retreat was awesome but I'm soooo thankful that Beth and her family let me visit them for a few days before my retreat!

Time with friends ALWAYS seems to go soooooo fast!


  1. Lovely picture Brenda - you have such a beautiful smile! xx

  2. Your pillows are fantastic. Great job.