Thursday, December 1, 2011


Ooooo I love this time of year! Where HAS this year gone to I'll never know???!!! Thanksgiving came and we spent it here together as a family and all had a great time. That evening the kids and I started a new tradition that Thanksgiving night. As always I look, and look and look some more at all the sale ads trying to map out what I am buying for the kids on Thanksgiving Day. Welllllll, the kids are much older now and I have a hard time remembering WHAT kind of toys/names that Daniel wants. So this year, we went to pick out some at Toys R Us for some Beyblades for him. Good thing as I would have NEVER remembered....and he changed his mind 3 or 4 times on some of them. Toys R Us opened at 9pm ON THANKSGIVING! degree is in retail....I love the WHOLE Black Friday shopping and in fact used to get some of my kids presents on that day.....or things we as a family wanted for Christmas on Black Friday due to such great sales. But it's not often that I've shopped on Thanksgiving Day. I have in the past but not usually. So this may be a new trend for the kids and I to go and do.

But this year the kids are getting older and just wanted money. Who doesn't want money for Christmas is a better statement but I told them they had to tell me some smaller things for them to open on Christmas. you see why I had to take Daniel with me??? I don't know all the names of these Beyblades but I told him he definitely couldn't have them til Christmas. After he picked them out, I wouldn't even let him read the back of the packaging. He has to wait. Grace found the other movie that goes with "How To Train A Dragon" ..... which I might add is an adorable movie!! But she's getting a little old for anything from Toys R Us. She did think about looking at the Nintendo games but the line to get INTO the electronic area was to the back of the store.  I do have other things in mind for her gifts though.

Grace's comment on shopping on Thanksgiving was that she was in "training" on how to do it for Black Friday for the future when she is out living on her own. Ohhhhh my baby made me sooo proud of even wanting to go! Both thought it was quite fun. Neither child complained about how long the lines were. They were just astonished at how long the line was to GET INTO Toys R Us to begin with.

But I still have some things they don't even know about to unwrap for Christmas. Then....we all get to go shopping again with their Christmas money after Christmas. I with my kids! Saves Ted's sanity too so he doesn't have to do that.

We did stop at McD on the way home Thanksgiving night to have McFlurry ice cream and share a large French Fry!! Even at 11pm!!

Ok....enough rambling as I have other things to post about.....

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