Monday, December 5, 2011

Advent Day 5

OOOOOO I can't believe what Jorja keeps surprising me with for my Advent presents.  Today was a pair of new PINK scissors!  And you all know what a scissor fanatic I am.  I blame Carol though for getting me hooked on collecting scissors!  She would always find the best and unique scissors.  I wonder if she has a pair like these or similar???!!!

Now I want to share a pic of a wreath I just made for our Wing Wives donation.  The other wing wives knew I was crafty so  I got to do the project!  Here is my snowman themed wreath!  I loved it so much when I originally bought the supplies that I had to go back and get more of them to make a snowman wreath for my house!  The one I made is a donation though!

I know you probably can't see a couple fot he ornaments because the green just blended right in but when it's hanging up, I have to say it really does look pretty! go make the one for my house .... now that I've got all the supplies out!


  1. Oooo pretty pink scissors! I am sorry if I gave you a bad habit but what fun it is collecting scissors!! Such a beautiful wreath you made Brenda - how big is it?

  2. Ohh you lucky lady. I need to find me a pair or two of these scissors. I too collect scissors and so does my mom so hence needing two pairs. lol

    -missy- aka auntiemimi