Thursday, December 1, 2011

Advent Day 1

Now.....on to the fun part of today's post! I belong to a message board and every year, those of us who want to participate do an Advent Exchange. Wish Lists are filled out, names are drawn and given to all participating. For 24 days, it should be some fun little thing that you might like to have. Don't give something that you yourself wouldn't want to receive. It might be a box of hot chocolate, a package of xstitch needles, a few skeins of DMC, an overdyed floss for xstitching with, a box of jello with cookie cutters, Post It notes, writing pens, small charts from your list, etc. You get the idea. Then on Day 25, you get something from your Wish List up to $25 from the person who got your name.

My kids help me open my gifts too. One opens on the odd days and the other opens on the even days. Today, Daniel helped me open my first gift. We unwrapped an quilted Advent Calender that my Advent partner made me!!! OH MY STARS!!! IT'S ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! See the picture below.

I've seen Jorja give this as a gift in the past and have loved it!  In fact, I was going to sew me an Advent Calender this year but for some reason I never found the time to do it.  Good thing I didn't!!!  I love how she quilted this one!!!  She is such a great quilter!!!  Thank you Jorja for my Advent Calender.  This could have easily have been my Day 25 gift!!!  I LOVE IT!

I hope to show you some other xstitched gifts that I'm giving family in the next few days.  Which is fine because NONE of them have computers to see the stitched gift.

Happy Stitching and have a great day!

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  1. Beautiful gift, Brenda. I know I'm glad Amy numbered my gifts as it would be too hard to choose.