Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday....another finish I can share

Yeah!  I can finally show this to you.  I had stitched this wonderful little Stacy Nash needlebook for my best friend's birthday present.  And silly me, I got soooo excited in wrapping up her needlebook and getting her other birthday presents all wrapped up that I FORGOT....yes take a picture of it before sending to her.  DUH on my part.  I have only done that once before and now that makes me 2X for sending a present before photographing it.  I have to do that so I remember what I gave them the year prior.  Plus....I like to keep pictures of all my finishes.

I loved it.  I chose the fabric to match the little bits of blue on the inside flower.  The buttons are from my grandmother's button box.  Sadly....she is now long gone but her buttons do find their way into a lot of my projects.

I also wanted to show you another photo of my husband's 272 Words.  This picture was taken at home for a close up of the stitching and the frame.  My sincere apologies for not including it with the other pictures before.  This was taken after Christmas.  The framing WAS his Christmas present but oh sooooo worth every penny of it.

I'm off to find something to stitch on today.  Wonder what it will be???  My Scarlet Letter, my Apostle's Creed, or something for Valentine's Day.  Decisions.....decisions!

Happy Stitching everyone!


  1. What a lovely gift you created for your friend! I love the frame moulding you used for 272 Words, Brenda. Thanks for sharing the close up!

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Robin in Virginia

  2. Love the Needle book! So sweet! I take pics of all my finishing too. I like to look back at all the things I have made.
    Take care


  3. Someday I will try assembling a piece like your needlebook. Love the frame on 272--very appropriate! I try to post pics of finishes too, as a photo log for end of year counting. Hugs!

  4. Beautiful needle book--and love the phrase "all my scattering moments."