Thursday, February 6, 2014

Some WIP pictures to share & and JN Favorite picture to share....

Here are some things that I'm working at the moment. The first one is my SAL with 4 of my other friends.  It is My Big Toe (MBT for future reference) The Apostle's Creed.  I am stitching it on 40ct Light Vintage Examplar in the threads called for with the exception of one.  I changed the Caramel Corn to Heirloom Gold so it would show up better on my fabric. 

Next is another from MBT and it is called Pray Building Block.  I changed the colors TOTALLY for this one.  I am using Gloriana Thistle Green.  I had bought another silk called Gloriana Bellagio Red for the roses but not too sure if that is what I want for the roses in this picture.  I was thinking yellow roses but maybe I can ask hubby what he thinks might look good. 

The last new start of mine is SL H.K. Smith using the silks called for on 36ct Cream Edinborough.

I find this one very relaxing to stitch on in the evening time after all my normal mom duties and taking and picking up kids from school. 

On the finish note of things, I did finish stitching my JN SAL for this month already!  YEAHHH me and it's all framed up and ready to be photographed on a much brighter day.  I also finished stitching a Valentine present but I can't share it yet.  I am not sure how often she reads my blog so when she gets it I can share it with you.

Off to do some crafting in my sewing room today.
Happy Stitching everyone!


  1. You have some lovely WIPs going, Brenda! Congratulations on getting your piece finished for the JN SAL. Good for you!

    Robin in Virginia

  2. Very nice starts Brenda! Look forward to the JN finish! It is pitiful that I am still plugging away at reading blogs, rather than knocking out some finishes! Yesterday I started a piece TWICE...just not sure I like it! Today is another day... Hugs!