Wednesday, March 9, 2011

BUSY day today....

Wow....once I got the kids off to school this morning, I was off to do my errands but I realized I had forgotten my cell phone when I left the house. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN I don't know (must have been the headache I woke up with this a.m.) But it did so that meant I couldn't shop leisurely at Michaels. I got the yarn I was wanting to make more crocheted washcloths and then ran on to Walmart to finish my other errands of a few things there. I'll try to post a pic of the washclothes soon. They were fun to make.....a no brainer project when watching TV late at night.

I came home and started cleaning/organizing in my sewing room that I've been meaning to do but just haven't felt up to doing it since moving in. I had so much energy this morning that I almost forgot to eat lunch. I got rid of things that I didn't want anymore like a bunch of cross stitch charts that are going to be donated away because my tastes have changed now. I threw away TONS....T-O-N-S.....of freebie charts that I had collected from xstitch shops or printed off long ago or over the years. Well...I really just recycled them but I couldn't believe.

I also UNKITTED A TON of things, sorted through my old UFOs (unfinished objects) and prioritized them to getting done. Most are either 1/2 done or 3/4 done but WE ALL KNOW what it's like when that next NEW XSTITCH CHART comes along that takes up our fancy and we just have to start that. That is what has happened in the past. I've gotten better in my older age of trying to finish them as I start them. Then again....I tend to have at least 3 going at all times especially when I'm working on a HUGE project.

One great thing though of all the things that I unkitted was that now I have all these pieces of fabric that has a little bit stitched on but I will not waste them at all. There was only one piece of fabric that I could not salvage and I just threw it away.

I hope to finish cleaning and organizing more tomorrow and then maybe....just maybe I can take a picture of my sewing room. I just don't like the bright red wall that is in there but I can't paint it because our house is a rental and the homeowner doesn't want it repainted. Oh goes life.

I hope you have had a great and productive day today!


  1. Brenda you and I on on the same page. I have been cleaning out my stash for the past four days. I organized everything from floss to beads. I too have a huge pile of charts to be donated. So many charts I had since living in TN over 20 years ago and my how my tastes have changed. Did I really want to ever stitch a Koala bear wearing over-alls? LOL I guessed I did at one time.

    Looking forward to seeing your craft room

    -missy- aka auntiemimi on TS board

  2. Wow! You were really productive. It seems like everyone is cleaning out their stash. I just did mine recently. Same here, I got rid of a ton of freebies. Can't wait to see pics of your craft room. I will just ignore the red wall. ;)

  3. I love my crocheted dish clothes. I bought them off of Etsy and one of the bus drivers! LOL!! I wish I knew you were making them. I have been thinking of switching over to crocheted wash clothes, too.