Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Yep.....just like the title....Today has been pajama day. I was trying to be creative in what to do this week during our spring break. So I came up with PAJAMA DAY! No.....I won't share pics of all of us. It has been a very lazy day here none the less and I think everyone should take at LEAST one day off to just lay around and do nothing.

I have been stitching on a very special piece. I think I've mentioned it before on here but I definitely can't show you pics of it yet because I never know when that person may have a look on my blog and the surprise would be spoiled!

Tomorrow....I'm GOING to make myself post some pictures. I know I know. I've said that before but that is on my agenda of TO DO tomorrow. Do you do that? Make a TO DO list? I do most days so I will know what I need to get done.

I did finish the xstitching on SB Snow Fall needleroll but I still need to pull the threads for the ribbon row and the hemstitching roll. I need to do those 2 items on 3 other SB needlerolls so maybe I'll just have a SB finishing day! That would be great then I'd have 4 new needlerolls to display in my house!

Now.....back to my regular stitching time this evening....

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  1. Pajama days are the best. Looking forward to seeing your pics.