Friday, March 18, 2011

Picture Time.....

I know you all have been waiting and waiting and I keep saying I'm going to post pics but life gets in the way sometimes. they are.

Our house because some of you keep asking for pics of it.

Now to share some pics of a gift from a friend to my daughter. Carol, of iStitch,, made this wonderful fob for Grace's scissors and made it in Grace's favorite color! As you can see, Grace was THRILLED with the fob! Poor thing had naked scissors for the longest time and we can't have naked scissors! haha

Here is an iStitch chart WIP that I'm working on when going to different appointments and having to wait. This is iStitch Sew French Blue chart being stitched in Hand Dyed Fibers Ocean Breeze which you can see in the following picture.

Now some new finishs and WIP. Here are 2 SB finishes from the Nashville Market that I just HAD to do immediately. In fact, the SB Keep Love was finished the night I got the little kit. I know it is in the black round box but I've ordered another white round box as I like it framed in it better. This black round box will go with the SB Take Joy WIP that you see in the first picture but I hope to finish it up today.

That is all for now. Today is the last day of my kids Spring Break so we will definitely be making the best of today. Then there is an airshow at Luke AFB here this weekend but we will only be going on Sunday for the show. It is open to the public so it will definitely be crowded but a lot of fun!

Thank you for taking the time to read and look at the fun things I've been able to do.


  1. Your home is lovely. Grace's fob is very pretty. Love your the floss you are using on your French Blue. Congrats on your SB finishes and your WIP looks great.

  2. Beautiful house - I think I'll book a flight! LOL
    I'm so glad that Grace loved her beaded fob - she really is a pretty girl. Love your version of Sew French Blue but you have enabled as I now need a micro of that Ocean Breeze!

  3. I really like your house, Brenda! Your porch looks like a lovely place to stitch when its not scorching outside. LOL.

    Your finishes are lovely as well.

  4. Beautiful home. Love the scissors and that fob but what I love the most is that VOLS shirt your DD is wearing!!! I'm a huge fan of the Volunteers Football and Lay Vols basketball. Pat Head Summit is one of my favorite coaches!!

    -missy-aka mimi