Monday, March 28, 2011

A class at Attic Needlework

Guess what??? I was able to go last Saturday to Attic Needlework to take a silk gauze class. Yes, I knew how to stitch on silk gauze but I self taught myself. I just wanted to make sure I was doing it correctly. And I WAS!!!

I had sewn the silk gauze to a piece of muslin and then cut out the center for the design......LONG TIME AGO! But this time at the class at Attic Needlework, I bought a new chart, silk gauze mounted to mat board and three Belle Soie silks for Erica Michaels Random Threads chart. I also bought a Stitch Fixer because it was an wonderful tool to help remove threads! I soooooo much prefer stitcing on gauze when it is mounted to mat board so those 2 UFO silk gauze projects in my UFO bag will be now mounted to mat board in HOPES of them being finished.

I really enjoyed the class taught by Jean and she had a friend,Rhonda, who brought about 12-15 minature pieces that she had made. OH MY STARS!!! It was amazing. And wouldn't you know it.....I left my camera at home. Darn it! I am going to have to pack it in my purse when I know I'm going there and not thinking...."Oh I'll put it in my purse in the a.m." Well yes...I forgot it ...again.

But I loved the class and had a great time just browsing the shop afterwards. I bought the class supplies and that was it! I came on home and had great intentions of continuing on stitching but ended up taking a nap because I was really tired. I will try to show you pics of what I have done in the next couple of days from the class.

Until then.....KEEP STITCHING!


  1. B, that class sounds like what I need!! I have a couple of Erica's designs sitting in my 123stitch cart just waiting for me to send ORDER but I'm a little intimidated about stitching on Silk gauze. I did it once many moons ago but it was a bit trying holding the small piece in my hand. I must seek out the method you are describing.

    Do you have a TAN yet? :)


  2. I am rather envious! I did some silk guaze stitching years ago - I wonder what happened to it?

    I know keep a compact camera in my bag at all times - it was a Christmas present - and now I'm always ready for the perfect shot!

    Look forward to seeing pictures.

  3. Sounds like you had a lovely time. Looking forward to seeing your pics.