Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Advent Day 11......

Wow!  What a morning already!!!  I woke up way early this a.m. and could not go back to sleep.  So I decided to get on up, make good use of my time and get my day started.   I've already done some laundry, opened up my Stitcher's Garden Advent, print off my iStitch Advent SAL and then actually have some quiet time this a.m. stitching up the iStitch Advent!!!  I had it all done, ironed and photographed until I realized when I ready to write this blog for today that I had FORGOTTEN to stitch in Dividing Band 12!  ACKKKKKK  So.....I had to go and hurry to stitch it in, reiron it and rephotograph it!  lol  That's what happens when you wake up early and get all excited about your day that somewhere along the way....something gets forgotten.  I hope that's the only thing that gets forgotten today because I still have to finish my Christmas dress and then actually get my daughter's dress sewn.  Yes.....we are wearing matching mother/daughter dresses.  I'm blessed to have a daughter who even at 18years old still likes to wear the dresses I sew for her..... not to mention matching dresses.  I will continue to sew for her as long as she wants them.  I hope to show those to you here soon!!  She is flying home this Saturday from college!  Wow!  I actually have a daughter in college!  Ok.....that's another post.

On to the stitching photos now!

Today my Stitcher's Garden gift was a flat package that had some DMC 28ct tan linen and Shepherd's Bush Autumn Gives chart!!!  Linda has really been spoiling me by sending such wonderful gifts from my Wish List!!!  I always have fun with this exchange each year!!!!

Here is my iStitch Design Advent SAL.  I went ahead and stitched in a small red French knot for Rudolph's nose.  It was bothering me that he didn't have a red nose so I just went ahead and stitched it in.  I think it really adds to the piece now as does the RED HEARTS!!!!  I love how this SAL has
just small touches of color among the white!!

Now I want to show you another Prairie Schooler Santa that I stitched up recently too.  I stitched him in a blue coat this time.  This Santa comes from the PS Old World Santa's II leaflet for those of you who want to know the chart name. 

Here is a PS church ornament also. This ornament came from the PS Prairie Stars chart and is stitched on 32ct Flax Belfast in DMC.   I just LOVE this little church!!!  It turned out much smaller than I realized, but it definitely stitched up quickly if you are needing a small ornament to give to someone.

I have another ornament finish but I will save that for another day's post.  A friend asked me the other day HOW MANY ornaments have I stitched just this year alone.  To be honest, I had lost count. Thankfully I keep track of what I stitch each year and for whom!  So I counted it up last night after I finished an ornament and was writing it in my book and I have stitched a total of 27 ornaments this year alone!!!!  YEAHH!!!  Some of those will be gifts this year for Christmas and the rest are for my tree next year.  They include various designers and of course the LHN Sheep Virtues from this year.  Some are stitched and needing to be sewn with their backing fabrics which I already have and laid with the projects.  Soooooo I just need A FINISHING DAY.  Then I will show you my Christmas tree with all handmade ornaments on it.  Some ornaments are mine but the rest of the ornaments are gifts from past years exchanges!!! 

Thank you for taking the time to read this today.  I know it is a very long post but I hope you enjoyed reading it.

Happy Stitching!


  1. OOOh I can't wait to see to see your ornament tree! 27 is a really lot of ornament stitching! Congrats! I like the blue coat on Santa and the church does look like it would be quick and easy to stitch. Hugs!

  2. 27 ornaments! Wow! That is impressive! I am going to see how many I can make next year. I'll try for 28. LOL! Can't wait to see your tree.