Wednesday, December 25, 2013


This morning we all slept in a little bit but did get up to open up presents together and record our opening the presents and taking lots of pictures.  We received many wonderful and fun gifts from family and friends!  And as usual.....we had to sample some of the chocolates that we received this morning as gifts.  It's the only day of the year that I let my kids eat candy for breakfast because I know I don't let them eat a lot of the candy.  But I feel soooo spoiled by my family and friends.  I received LOTS of wonderful gifts!! 

Here is my final gifts from my Stitcher's Garden Advent partner.  I had one present left that was wrapped like the last 24 presents so I opened it first.  It was a Christmas notepad which I just LOVE these for making my grocery lists!

My second gift from Linda, my Advent partner, was a package of overdyed fabric that had 2 pieces in there, some loose hanks of HDF silks that I will need to wind onto bobbins as I can just see myself getting it all knotted up and tangled, 5 mini's of HDF silk, a patriotic felt square which I had never seen before, and  LHN Snow White chart!!!  I have the perfect green Sassy fabric to stitch this on with some white silk!!!  I love all my gifts!!!

So dilemma is what project do I want to start today or do I want to just continue stitching on something that I've already started??!!!  Hmmmm but what fun would that be if I didn't start a new project today because my kids and husband got new movies for Christmas and I stitch while I watch movies.

We all got lots of wonderful gifts as I said, but the best present for me was having us all here together as a family!!!  Family is sooooo important! 


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  1. Yes, having family around is THE best! I thought Vicky Clayton stopped making silk threads... gotta get over there... love them! Great presents, all! I finished a Christmas piece last night, and HOPE to finish another piece tonight! That would be nice.... Merry Christmas again and again!