Thursday, December 5, 2013

Advent Day 5.......

Today's Stitcher's Garden Advent present brought me some nativity fabric and more mini garland!!!  I love it as I have never had any mini garland and I will definitely use the nativity fabric.  I can restitch Homespun Elegance JOY nativity ornament again and pick colors from this fabric to match!

Here is my iStitch Advent Day 5 piece as well.  I love using specialty stitches in my cross stitching projects and one of today's band used the Montenegrin stitch!!!! 

Thank you Carol for designing this project up for us to stitch this Advent Season!!!

I am off to spend the remaining time tonight with my husband who has just returned from his 6 month deployment!!!

Happy Stitching!


  1. That project looks so tiny and intricate. Can't wait to see how it stitches up over Advent!

  2. Oh, you are a Navy wife! Thank your husband for serving to protect our country from me! I used to be a Navy wife, and know the life... we moved 13 times in twelve years! That fabric is quite nice! And another garland... you could have the tree up during a different season now! Hugs!

    1. No I am an Air Force wife! We will be celebrating 21 yrs of marriage and in the AF for 21yrs as well!!!

  3. What very pretty nativity fabric, love the colours. Best wishes from Spain.