Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Advent Day 4, iStitch Advent SAL and a new freebie chart.......

Ooooo today brought another Advent gift with a small ornament attached to the top of the box.  Yes....I am trying to find all the beautifully wrapped Advent packages that have an ornament attached to the top.  Like I posted yesterday, I want to hang those wonderfully stitched ornaments on my Christmas tree to enjoy the entire season.

Today's Advent was an adorable Noel box with a cute little JOLLY ornament on the top!!!  I opened the box to find a HDF regular silk mini bobbin and also in the box was my favorite needles......Bohin size 28!!!  While I was looking at all my wrapped presents and trying to decide which one I wanted to open today, I found this wonderful bundle of Christmas ink pens!!!   Ohhhh I just LOVE getting new ink pens and these even write in blue ink!!!  So here is today's picture of my wonderful Advent goodies!!!!

I just finished stitching up Day 4 part of my iStitch Advent SAL!!!!  Today.....we added some color to our project!  I am using NPI silks in white, green 405, and red 502!!!!  For the green holly leaves, I just stitched them in regular cross stitch.  For the red berries, I stitched them in a Smyrna Stitch to add a little specialty stitch to them.  It gave my berries a little dimension as they are slightly higher than the holly leaves.  I know it's hard to see in the picture but you can visualize it in your mind.

Now about that freebie chart that I mentioned.  If you are wanting to get a jumpstart on your ornaments for next year, you can find the new chart at Lady K's Needleart.  So go on over there and scroll down to where it says "Christmas Gift to You" and you can download a new freebie chart.

I'm off to wrap a few more presents tonight. Until tomorrow's Advent post.....HAPPY STITCHING!

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  1. What a cute little box and ornament! Needles are always appreciated! I make mine last a pretty long time, but eventually they bend at the eye and break off! Reminds me I have no new ones ... time to stock up! Hugs!