Wednesday, December 17, 2014

SG Advent Day 17 and Christmas outfits update....

Today, Lynne gave me a gift that I was trying to guess what was in it.  It was soft and cushy feeling and I was thinking it might be more finishing fabric.    I was wrong.  It was 2 Americana coasters and LHN Old Glory chart!!!  Yeah....a new project for me to stitch up for my Americana room and I can use the coasters in there as well.

Grace and I did manage to cut out our Christmas outfits yesterday.  I wanted to start sewing on them but in between cooking dinner and doing the 5 loads of laundry, I didn't get around to start them.  I wanted to get started first thing this morning but as you can see, I'm here on the computer and not in my sewing room.  That's ok.  I need to still change the serger threads anyway to a color that will match so I will get that done first thing before starting.  I pray before changing them as if one color slips off in the threading, it can become a nightmare of a mess.  :-)

On the iStitch Advent SAL news, I am coming along but still not quite where I want to be which is .... CAUGHT UP with the daily posting from Carol.  I did get to stitch on it last night since I was not sewing on the dresses.  I figured I could do that and it most definitely did relax me.  It's all those other household chores that get in the way of me stitching and getting into the sewing room this morning. 

Happy Stitching everyone!!!

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  1. I can SURELY relate to all those other 'chores' getting in the way of doing stuff we planned! That is the story of my life!! Hugs!