Wednesday, December 9, 2015

iStitch Advent Day 9 SAL

Yeah!!!  I am still up to date with the SAL.....even with coming home to pick up DD from college to bring her back home with me!!!!  Ok ok.......I stitch for sanity each day.  It's just something I do.  I love to xstitch if any of you know me very well. can realize that from reading my blog!

I did finish DS Christmas ornament this morning so all I have to do now is sew it up when he is in school on Friday.  I am working on DH's ornament some more tonight but his and my ornament might not get completed to hang on our tree this year.  We'll see.

Happy Stitching everyone!


  1. Day 9 looks great, Brenda! And you are right, stitching is our means of staying sane.

  2. The ornament is fabulous, Brenda! I've a couple of Christmas things too, but I'm shy to show them..

    1. Hi, Emily! I'd love to see your works! Don't be shy! We all are learning from each other. I'll also share my Christmas tree soon. I think I'll finish it till 24.
      Commented on Decorating Christmas Trees at

    2. Good day, Margaret! I'm really a beginner and I'm afraid to show my hard-to-call works:) I'll show my further works when I learn to do it well, I promise.

    3. I understand you, dear. I felt the same when I began stitching. Don't give up!
      Merry Christmas!