Tuesday, December 8, 2015

iStitch Advent SAL Day 8......

Yeah!!!  I've had a great day today stitching on this SAL!  I started the band this morning when I first got up, but then had to run my errands for today.  I ended up having lunch with my daughter on campus and her roommate!  I was also able to print off our new updated chart from Carol for our SAL!!!  I like how Carol has moved the JOYEUX NOEL to be more centered on Day 7.  Yes.....I am one who ripped out my Day 7 JOYEUX NOEL to make it more centered like on the updated graph today.  I started to just move NOEL to the right 2 spaces to be flush with the right side of the whole piece but decided I really did like the way Carol had centered it better.  So.....I ripped it out and restitched it in like the new graph.

I did ponder about stitching the bottom of Day 8 "leaf" looking diagram in green but decided to just go with the white silk like Carol did hers. 

I'm so pleased with how this is coming out!!!  I am always wondering what tomorrow will bring for our SAL!!!! 

Happy Stitching!

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