Wednesday, December 2, 2015

iStitch Advent SAL Day 2......

Oh I couldn't wait to see what Carol had for us today to stitch!!!  Were we going to keep with a white thread theme or were we going to use another color???    I printed off the chart this morning and we were to use white still today!  I love it though.  I almost changed the word Christmas to a variegated red/white/green holiday type thread but without knowing what the rest of the chart looks like, I stayed with the original suggested color of white for today's portion.

Did you check out Carol's blog at iStitch Designs ?  She has a new free ornament chart out, and she has her other free ones listed on her side bar.  But.....if you haven't stitched one of her charts, I suggest you go look and see if something catches your eye!  I have them all I will admit it.  I love stitching them and giving them as gifts!!!

Until tomorrow's post.....HAPPY STITCHING!


  1. glad to hear you are having so much fun with this Brenda ! Hope it is a great source of enjoyment for your during the holiday season. Cheers Mel

  2. I have MANY of Carol's charts... but haven't stitched all of them yet!! The SAL piece is looking good! Can't wait to see more! Hugs!